Matthew Whiteside

Matthew Whiteside is a graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow studying a Masters in Composition with Alistair MacDonald, David Fennessy and Gareth Williams from 2010 to 2012. He received his Undergraduate Degree in Music in 2010 from Queen’s University Belfast, studying composition with Piers Hellawell and Simon Mawhinney. He is a founding member of both Said Ensemble and Edit-Point and his music is housed in the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.

Matthew’s interest lies in the combination of acoustic and electronic domains through both the physical combination of both and being influenced by electronic genres such as Glitch music. Through this he explores aural phenomena such as beating effects in complex sounds and space within a room. When using electronics he is careful to give them a distinct personality in order for them to be an integral part of the ensemble which the piece would be incomplete without.

His work has been performed by Duo 46Gildas QuartetSpark Opera Company andYurodny among others in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and the United States with notable performances being Dublin’s Nation Concert Hall, Glasgow City Halls and as part of both Sonorities and Sound Festival in Belfast and Aberdeen respectively.

His Masters education has been funded by the RSAMD/RCS trust and May Turtle scholarship and he has received a Honourable Mention in the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition.